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FourV Systems Releases Enhanced Version of GreySpark for Managing IT Security Risk

caroline | September 27, 2016

September 27, 2016

For the First Time, Security Practitioners and Business Executives Can Speak the Same Language When Discussing Cyber Risk in Their Enterprise

BALTIMORE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--FourV Systems today announced the release of GreySpark 2.0, the company’s flagship product for enabling business-centric risk management in IT operations. Designed for business leaders, GreySpark translates existing tool and sensor data into a fact-driven measurement of IT security health. Through simple risk indices, business managers can quickly gauge the impact of IT decisions on the corporate risk spectrum.

With version 2.0, GreySpark, definitively closes the gap between organizational risk management and IT security, providing an independent and consistent measure of IT security program performance. For the first time, security practitioners and business executives are able to clearly communicate regarding cyber risk within their organization. Specifically, GreySpark 2.0 continuously measures key risk indicators and visualizes them for executives, while providing direct access to the underlying drivers that are made actionable for technologists. This allows for the creation of an effective and repeatable regimen for communicating cyber risk among executives and measuring the effectiveness of security controls and programs.

“Demand for cybersecurity expertise is outstripping supply in a big way; creating the need for smarter technology systems that can help the few experts we have be more productive and communicative when it comes to pertinent risks,” said Casey Corcoran, Vice President, FourV Systems. “GreySpark clearly informs IT security managers which people, process or technology parameters are most impactful on business risk.”

GreySpark identifies and measures risk factors by normalizing and evaluating threat, vulnerability, and operational events from an organization’s sensors and systems. The calculated risk factors drive clear risk indices and provide a continuous view of IT security risk trends and IT security operation’s performance. The platform requires no tuning or programming to deliver risk measures, and IT security teams can quickly diagnose and optimize their security posture while watching the effect on risk factors.

Evolved from solutions developed for critical national programs, GreySpark was built in collaboration with operations and business risk management professionals. It is specifically designed for use by both technical and non-technical managers and executives and combines subject matter expertise and standards from common frameworks such as NIST and CIS. GreySpark can be deployed and matured in a matter of days or weeks rather than months or years, to quickly enhance security staff productivity by placing security events which drive risk indicators into business and organizational context. For more information on GreySpark, please visit: https://www.fourv.com/measuring-it-security-health/.

About FourV Systems

FourV Systems is an SRC Company located in Baltimore, MD and is dedicated to helping organizations manage business risk aligned with IT operations. FourV leverages existing IT investments to measure IT security health via a simple score that provides fact-based information about organizational risk. With more than 60 years of commercial, defense and intelligence experience, FourV builds on a foundation of experts in cyber security and analytics. With FourV, business risk managers can have confidence in their IT security decisions and investments. For more information, visit www.fourv.com.

You can view the press release on Business Wire here. 

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